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MJM Network web design specializes in custom-made websites for business and personal use. We understand that not every enterprise or individual needs an expensive, complicated website to serve its purpose. We can design websites tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Discount design packages are available, allowing you to select a cafeteria-style variety of often-used website features (see our Discount Web Packages page). You can simply choose the package that best meets your needs. We also provide individually designed websites made to your order, starting as low as $59.99 per web page.

The sites we design are affordable, custom-created and of the best quality in the business. They use the most advanced technologies available for todays modern Internet and websites.

MJM Network Advantages

Our synthesis of creativity, technical expertise, and Internet savvy enables our customers to realize a tremendous return on their investment. MJM Network offers a full range of servicesthat include website design, Internet hosting and site promotion. Simply put, we understand the needs of our customers and offer complete turnkey Internet solutions that provide results.

The following list gives a brief introduction to the methods we use to ensure ourcustomers’ success.

Website Development

  • Virtual space and website architecture planning
  • Internet and intranet graphic design and production
  • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) authoring and publishing
  • Website copy writing
  • PERL and JavaScript CGI programming
  • Java applet development
  • Computer graphic animations
  • Document conversion
  • Real audio and video production
  • Electronic commerce consulting and implementation
  • Database dynamic website development


Through an individualized consultation, our account agents will integrate our expertise with your goals and expectations. We will perform a complete evaluation of your business objectives regarding the Internet.

At MJM Network, our goal is not just to create a website, but to develop and implement a successful set of marketing tools to provide you with direct and measurable results. We will determine the features and applications needed to meet and exceed all of our requirements. We focus on all your Internet needs, including the content, promotion and logistics of your website.

Internet Marketing Consulting

Our website design packages can include the following services:

  • Internet marketing consulting
  • Seminar presentations
  • Website public relations

Web Solutions

Following an assessment process, we will offer you a proposal that is best suited for your business and/or personal needs. We provide “a la carte” proposals that allow you to choose the most cost-effective solutions available.

At the same time, we offer insights into future enhancement opportunities. MJM Network always offers a unique design, not the generic “cookie-cutter” format that many agencies rely on.

To see samples of our work, click here. To read testimonials from our satisfied customers, click here.


After your acceptance of the solution that best fits your needs, our account agents will work with your representatives to gather the information that your customers will see. At this stage, our talented graphic design and Internet development teams will create a website that your customers will find visually appealing, informative and useful.

Before becoming publicly accessible, the finished site will be available to you for final approval. At this time you are free to make any corrections to finalize your site, at no extra cost.

Systems & Training

On request, we also offer the following services:

  • Internet connectivity consulting and design
  • Internet workstation setup
  • Internet systems integration
  • Administrator training
  • Personnel training

Promotion of Visitation

After your site is up and running, we do our best to ensure that it is promoted and visited. This feature includes registering your site with the most frequently used search engines in the business, for example, Google.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Additional Internet visitation promotions
  • Internet media planning, negotiation and placement
  • Internet market research, systems development and implementation


MJM Network will continue to create dynamic processes designed to enhance and increase your success on the Internet. This may include additional promotion, redevelopment,
add-on features, additional services, content or utilities. Simply put, we want to help your business grow.

Standard and Advanced Web Pages

In addition to our discount website design packages, we allow you to customize your web pages in any way you want. Our discount packages include our standard web pages, tailored to meet the most widespread uses of the web-browsing public. We also offer advanced web pages, which utilize extra add-ons and/or services, for example Flash-enabled features or specialized search engines.

As your needs dictate, we can create these advanced web pages for you, in addition to our standard models. In short, you can have virtually whatever you want. With our advanced pages, only the sky is the limit, in terms of the latest, best web technology available.

For more information on our advanced web page options and prices, please contact us.

MJM Network offers additional services and add-ons for web design, more than just website creation. We can custom-create extra pages and features for you, specialized for your needs and preferences. We also provide a variety of web-related services, for example, domain registration.We can also help you with your training and marketing needs. Ask us what you want, and we will do it!For more information on these add-ons and services, as well as our prices, please contact MJM Network at:1-800-963-9151

Or use our Contact form.

Here are some examples of the extra add-ons and services we can provide:

  • Button rollovers
  • Photo galleries
  • Logo design
  • Flash site introductions
  • Email auto-responders
  • Email sign-up
  • Search engine optimization
  • Printing services
  • Marketing services
  • Company or personal information writeups
  • Additional domain registration
  • Web-related training
  • Additional web pages
  • PDF creation
  • Foreign language translation

Plus, we can do much, much more!

MJM Network has been in the business of making web sites since 1993.
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Specialized Discount Website Packages MJM Network offers quality, discount web design packages. Each package is tailored to meet specific needs, personal and business. Just choose the one you need! Our discounted website packages can meet any budget without sacrificing quality. Of course, you can customize these packages with extra add-ons and services. Check out our website design add-ons page. Note: The pages referenced here are our standard web pages. These are pages we design without extra add-ons and/or services. We can also design additional standard pages for any package for only $59.99 each.

Three Website Packages at Affordable Prices!

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Web Design Packages



75% Down To Start
  • Comprehensive website consultation
  • Up to three customized pages
  • FREE domain registration
  • FREE one-month hosting
  • FREE email boxes (you@mydomain.com)
  • Two FREE 15-min. updates
  • FREE web email access
  • Turnaround in 3 to 5 business days
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50% Down to Start
  • Comprehensive website consultation
  • Up to ten customized pages
  • FREE domain registration
  • FREE six-month hosting
  • FREE email boxes (you@mydomain.com)
  • Five FREE 15-min. updates
  • FREE web email access
  • Turnaround in 7 to 14 business days
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Extra add-ons and/or services are available at an added price, for example, additional web pages (see the Website add-ons page). Also, any items you don’t want or need may be removed from any package. You decide which options to use.

Note: Waiving the use of an offered feature in any package may not necessarily reduce the price of the package.

MJM Network has been doing web sites since 1993.
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