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MJM Network Guarantee:
You Don't Pay Unless We Fix It!

"Can your technician really solve my problem?"

The answer to this question is a resounding, 100-percent confident, resolute and absolute, "YES!" We are just that confident in our services.

After all, isn't the typical technician an all-purpose computer "know-it-all" anyway? The fact is we have complete faith in our technicians' ability to solve your computer repair issue or network crisis. We offer a "You don't pay unless we fix it" guarantee. Few, if any, in the industry offers a policy like this!

Here's How the Guarantee Works:

  1. Give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our technicians.
  2. Agree to the onsite diagnostic fee of $99.99 or the drop-off diagnostic fee of $29.99.
  3. Depending on which fee you agree to, allow us to come to your site (home, office, business), or drop off your computer with us,
  4. The technician will perform a diagnostic test on your computer, then make recommendations about what needs to be done to repair the issue completely.
  5. If you follow our technician's advice about what services must be performed to solve your issues, he or she will do exactly what is stated up front.
  6. If our technician performs these services but does not solve your problem, you will not be obligated to pay a single penny!

This is our "You don't pay unless we fix it" guarantee.

Note: All customers must first agree to the "onsite diagnostic fee" before one of our technicians travels to their site.


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